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Dec 30, 2022

91 of the Best This or That Questions for Work in 2023

Heather Harper

Company Culture Writer

‘This or that’ questions for work are excellent icebreaker questions for your team. They’re simple, take little time to play, and can help you, and your team members, understand how each other think. This or that icebreaker questions can drastically improve trust and morale within a team by providing a friendly and relaxing environment in which your colleagues can unwind and connect. 

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Explore the top 91 this or that questions for work. You can play these this or that icebreaker questions with large and small groups, and there is a section applicable to both office-based and virtual teams. 

Our Favorite “This or That” Questions for Work

Work Style This or That Questions

Office This or That Questions

Virtual Work This or That Questions

Funny This or That Questions

Work Style This or That Questions 

Understanding each other’s work styles is crucial for forming strong teams with trusting and lasting connections. If you’re looking for icebreakers for large teams, work style icebreakers are particularly helpful as they focus on team building whilst allowing colleagues to understand each other a little better all at once! 

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  1. Group or individual work?
  2. Get in early or stay late when needing to finish a task? 
  3. Music playing or silence? 
  4. Big or small company? 
  5. Creative tasks or logical tasks? 
  6. In-person or video meetings? 
  7. Successful entrepreneur or successful team player? 
  8. Learn by seeing or doing? 
  9. Logic or emotion when making decisions? 
  10. Productive in the morning or afternoon? 
  11. Tidy or messy desk? 
  12. Introvert or extrovert? 
  13. Being the boss or being told what to do? 
  14. Being the teacher or the learner? 
  15. Winter break or summer break? 
  16. Be shown how to do something or told? `
  17. Work from home or from the office? 
  18. Physical or mental work? 
  19. Startup or an established business? 
  20. Work until later with breaks or leave earlier without a break? 
  21. Private calendar or one where everyone can see it? 
  22. Higher salary or more holiday days? 
  23. Money or recognition? 
  24. Talk to people all day or stay silent all day? 
  25. Always be late to work or always be early? 
  26. Be part of a team or just have one manager? 
  27. Save your work as your go or save at the end? 
  28. Education or experience? 
  29. Group feedback or one on one feedback? 
  30. Planning it or winging it? 
team chatting on a virtual hiring event

Office This or That Questions 

When your team works together in the office it is easy to get them together and play some this or that icebreaker questions for work. As a top tip, during Halloween you can add these icebreakers to bring spooky celebrations to the office

  1. Conference room or desk meeting?
  2. Physical planners or digital planners? 
  3. Open plan or closed office? 
  4. Have the office decorated for Christmas or Halloween? 
  5. IOS or Windows? 
  6. Teambuilding activities indoors or team building activities outdoors? 
  7. New office chairs or a new desk? 
  8. Headphones in or listening 
  9. Staff kitchen dirty or staff bathroom dirty? 
  10. Packed lunch or cafeteria? 
  11. Hand soap or hand sanitizer in the bathroom? 
  12. Hot desking or your own designated desk? 
  13. Smart or casual wear in the office? 
  14. Have coffee or chocolate in the staff room? 
  15. Office lunch or office coffee morning? 
  16. Glass walls or brick walls? 
  17. Walk or drive to work? 
  18. Unlimited staff coffee or unlimited snacks? 
  19. After work drinks or a movie at home? 
  20. Theme park or a zoo as a teambuilding activity? 
  21. Coffee machine or drip coffee in the staff kitchen? 
  22. Real or fake plants in the office? 
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Virtual Work This or That Questions

Virtual work teams can be really hard to connect because it is hard to find the time to get to know each other on a personal level when on Zoom. This or that icebreakers can be played alongside other Zoom icebreakers to connect your team. 

  1. Sweatpants and comfy clothes or a full office outfit at home?
  2. Coffee shop or home office? 
  3. Work from a table or from the sofa? 
  4. Virtual trivia team building or a virtual escape room? 
  5. Slack or Asana? 
  6. Share home office space with a partner or have your own space? 
  7. Prepare lunch the day before or make it on your lunch break? 
  8. Lunchtime Netflix session or lunchtime dog walk? 
  9. Get up at the same time as going into the office or sleep in? 
  10. Zoom camera on or off? 
  11. Emails or phone calls? 
  12. Meet your team sometimes or always work online? 
  13. Work later or start earlier? 
  14. Group Zoom calls or 1-1? 
  15. Cocktail-making kit or cookie-making kit sent to you? 
  16. Virtual team building during or after work? 
  17. Pet in home office space or locked away? 
  18. Zoom calls first thing in the morning or late into the evening? 
pet working from home

Funny This or That Questions for Work 

If you want to create a light-hearted and funny atmosphere, then explore our list of fun this or that questions for work. Top tip: to make these questions even more engaging, make them holiday-themed icebreakers!  

  1. Raise or bonus? 
  2. An office dog or an office cat? 
  3. Be the oldest person in the office or the youngest? 
  4. Paid a salary or by the hour?
  5. Same lunch every day or mix things up each day? 
  6. Become famous in your career field or a famous celebrity? 
  7. Be able to type really fast or read really fast? 
  8. Angry client or angry coworker?
  9. Be feared by all your colleagues or loved by them all? 
  10. Work with animals or your colleagues? 
  11. Be in charge of the food or in charge of the games at the office party?
  12. A lunchtime gym session or lunchtime Mcdonald’s?
  13. Be able to fly or teleport? 
  14. Become the CEO for a day or receive a bonus? 
  15. Forever write with a pen or a pencil? 
  16. Sit next to the printer or the water dispenser? 
  17. Bring your partner to work or go to work with your partner 
  18. Sit next to the loudest talker or loudest eater? 
  19. Accept colleagues on Facebook or keep personal life private? 
  20. Salad or sandwich at lunchtime? 
  21. Smartest person in the office or richest person in the office? 

Final Thoughts 

‘This or that’ questions for work are great icebreaker questions. They create a welcoming and warm atmosphere and spark discussions between team members. As a result, they can help your team members, in both old and new teams, to get to know each other better. 

This or that icebreakers are great when played by themselves, but they also work really well when used at the start of other team-building activities. They can be used at the start of a virtual event, such as a game show or an escape room, to help break the ice before the fun begins!

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