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Teams & Companies hosted in online games

30-90 minute

Average event length


Game cost per team of up to 10


Guaranteed–or your money back. (seriously)

Option 1

Virtual Escape Rooms

Best for groups of 4 – 400 players

1 Host & 1 Game Guide to assist your team

60-minute gameplay, 75-90 minute event time

$300 per team of up to 10

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virtual escape room example

First, Your team will join a Zoom call where they’ll be greeted by a Host. The Host will welcome the group, answer questions, and give instructions on how to play. 

Next, the team will meet their Game Guide inside their Escape Room. The Game Guide wears a camera so your team will see what they see. They will serve as the team’s eyes, hands, and feet in the physical escape room. 

Your group must direct the Game Guide through the room to find clues and solve puzzles. Players will also have access to an interactive dashboard (see the dashboard below) which helps keep track of clues and items found along the way. 

Your team will have 60 minutes to complete a mission and escape the room.

ruins virtual escape room
playground virtual escape room
the depths virtual escape room

Option 2

Online Game Shows

Best for groups of 10 – 150 players

1 MC, plus one Game Show Breakout Host for every 8-12 players

30-60-minute gameplay

$300 per team of up to 10

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online game show example

In our interactive Game Shows, teams work to rack up points, earn badges and earn the top spot on the leaderboard. 

The rules and gameplay are super simple, so your team doesn’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy the fun!

Your host will greet your team when the Zoom call begins, after a few quick ice breakers, you’ll split up into breakout rooms and compete against each other for the highest score!

puzzle game show online game show
holiday game show online game show

Option 3

Mystery Games

Best for groups of 15 – 1,000+ players

1 Host per 6-10 players

75-90 minute event time

$300 per team of up to 10

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mystery game example

Our Mystery Games send your team on a competitive detective race to scour for clues, unlock codes, and solve a crime before the clock runs out.

After a few icebreakers, the group is split up into teams of 8 to race to solve the mystery first. May the best sleuths win! 

Teams will use an online dashboard full of evidence files to crack the case. They’ll review surveillance footage, psych reports and more in their pursuit of the truth. At first the information won’t seem to connect, but then AHA! If your team gets stuck, just ask one of our Hosts for a clue!

art thief chasing hahn mystery game
art thief silk road mystery game
rogue scientist 1990 mystery game

We work with team-building experts.

From writing content for our blog to creating exclusive add-on packages for our events, we work with experts to provide the most impactful experiences possible.

John Maxwell

The John Maxwell Team

Donald Miller

Founder of Storybrand and
best-selling author

Lee Cockerell

Retired Executive Vice President
of Walt Disney World

Dianna Booher

Author of 49 books including Communicate Like a Leader

Get some fun on your calendar—in 3 simple steps.

step one

BOOK your event.

Choose from virtual escape rooms (yes, they work!), game shows, or mystery games—simply give us a headcount, select a date & time, and we’ll do the rest. You invite anyone from your CEO to the interns, and plan on having a blast.

step two

We MANAGE the tech & run the game.

We’ll set up everything you need for a flawless event. No risk of being embarrassed when you let the experts do the heavy lifting. Plus, we’ll provide everything you need for your event! You don’t have to lift a finger.

step three

EXPERIENCE the difference.

When your team is given opportunities to connect and low-stakes environments to flex their team-building muscles, we expect you’ll soon see an improvement in work quality—but don’t worry, we won’t take credit. 

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