Teams of detectives compete to solve a crime first. Ready to make your next all-company meeting an epic team-building competition?

Evidence could be anywhere. Unlocked surveillance videos, search the far corners of the internet for a hidden website and call a phone number you’ve just decoded.

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Introducing Team Building Hub’s Mystery Games:

Teams start together on one Zoom call before being split into teams and given a dossier of evidence to decode.

$300 per team of up to 10

Accommodates 15 to 1,000+ players

75 to 90 minutes

mystery game example

Your Guide will make sure your team is ready to participate—and everyone has fun working together as a team!

Teams are given a digital dossier of evidence – surveillance footage, psych reports and other evidence.

The first team to solve the case and make it back to the main Zoom call, wins!


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art thief chasing hahn mystery game

The Art Thief:
Chasing Hahn

Your team is on the case to track down the infamous art thief and wanted criminal Vincent Hahn. Using clues from the case file, you’ll need to piece together the evidence, find where Hahn is hiding, and bring him to justice!

art thief silk road mystery game

The Art Thief:
The Silk Road

International criminal and art thief Vincent Hahn is back on the run! Hahn may be slick but he’s left evidence behind and your team needs to piece it all together to take him down!

rogue scientist 1990 mystery game

Rogue Scientist 1990

In 1990, Dr. Humphrey has been reprimanded for his dangerous genetic experimentations. The Agency for International Reconnaissance (AIR) needs your team’s expertise to dig up clues, create a case against Humphreys, and track him down before he takes his experiments too far.

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Retired Executive Vice President
of Walt Disney World

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Author of 49 books including Communicate Like a Leader

75-90-minute events — all for as little as $30/player!

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