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Oct 11, 2022

17 Unique Work Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Team

Madeline Purches

Team Building Enthusiast

Looking for an easy and fun way to boost your employees’ engagement? Try a scavenger hunt! Your team will easily build some helpful skills while having a little competition. We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite scavenger hunts as well as tips for creating your own clues!

Why should I do a scavenger hunt at work?

Scavenger hunts might sound like something you used to do before you became a “business professional.” But believe it or not, they can be great building blocks for certain skills! Not to mention, your team will make some memories together that will improve their relational bond. Scavenger hunts are also easy to customize, so you have control over how much time it’ll take your team to find their clues and race back to beat the others.

team members problem solving together

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about doing a scavenger hunt at work.

1. Scavenger hunts can build problem-solving skills. 

The concept’s easy—teams have a list of items to find or clues to solve—but as they go along, they need to figure out the easiest way to complete the challenges.

2. You’ll enhance your team’s collaboration skills. 

Since scavenger hunts are best for small teams, your employees will get a chance to work in small groups together and pool their knowledge and observation skills. They’ll learn to lean on each other to mark off their clues!

3. Your team will learn how to communicate better with each other. 

When each person on a scavenger hunt team sees the list of clues, they start thinking of ways to mark them off. The trick is that they’ve got to clearly communicate with their teammates (both in speaking and in listening) to find the best options or the best ideas to win.

4. Your team will have fun! 

Having fun is one of the easiest (and one of our favorite) ways to increase employee engagement. It’s great for letting go of stress, keeping minds fresh for working hard, and building unity within your team.

17 Original Scavenger Hunt Ideas for the Workplace

Now that you’re convinced that scavenger hunts at work are a great idea (and they are), here are 17 original scavenger hunt ideas that will let your team have fun and a little competition!

Classic Office Scavenger Hunt Ideas

1. With the Bosses

Teams must take photos with executives or managers around the office.

team member taking selfies with boss

2. Custom Stationery

Each team must find specific office supplies, like a rubber band ball or a pencil sharpener.

3. Company Pride

Teams must find objects with the company logo on them.

Funny Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

4. Smallest Numbers Challenge

Make a list of things like gas price, speed limit, or sale price, and your teams have to find the smallest number for each clue. For example, a speed limit sign that says “5 MPH” or a $2.79 gas price.

5. Cup Holders

This one is great in an area with different restaurants. Teams must order drinks from as many different restaurants as they can. One person on each team must try to balance all the drinks without spilling them. (If they’re not up for the possibility of spilling drinks on themselves, you can use empty cups!)

woman sipping soda from paper cup

Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

6. Colors of the Rainbow

Teams must take photos of a specific object (like cars or mugs) in as many different colors as they can.

7. Stay Hydrated

Make a list of specific places. In each photo, a team member must be in it and drinking water.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

8. Nature Lover

Make a list of things that you would find in the great outdoors like a feather or a four-leaf clover.

nature scavenger hunt

9. Modes of Transportation

Make a list of common modes of transportation that your team would see nearby.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas

10. Making New Friends

Teams must take photos with strangers, but these photos must look like they’re friends! These can include eating ice cream together, picking out a shirt for each other, and more.

11. Childhood Memories

Make a list of things that used to be around malls that are more scarce (gumball machines, arcades, etc.). Each team must bring back items or photos on the list. 

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Ideas

12. All the Fences

Challenge your team to find as many unique fences that they can find. Write down some ideas to get them started on what to look for.

13. Keeping a Tidy Yard

This scavenger hunt list should include unique things that neighbors do to keep their property looking nice. Include a nicely mowed lawn, a garden, a gated fence, and more.

well manicured lawn

City Scavenger Hunt Ideas

14. Statue Hunt

Create a list of well-known statues around the city. Each team must get photos with each statue. Bonus points if they can mimic what the statue is!

15. Find the Fountains

Each team must take photos of fountains on their list. Make it challenging!

16. Eat Local

Make a list of some famous local restaurants that your team must take photos of.

17. Historians in Training

Make a list of historical sites in your city that each team must visit and bring back proof of their visit.

historical site

What are good clues for a scavenger hunt?

The best way to come up with clues for a scavenger hunt is to go all out! Get creative and to increase difficulty, get specific. Specific adjectives or actions will make your scavenger hunt more challenging, which is great for building up your team’s collaboration and problem-solving skills. 

Here are some ways that you can come up with the best clues for your scavenger hunt:

• Brainstorm. There are no wrong answers in a brainstorm!

• Use your senses. Look around the room, listen for noises that could give you ideas, etc.

• Do a word association exercise.

• Get specific with colors and numbers.

• Go on a quick walk and observe your surroundings.

• Brainstorm again!

How do you make a scavenger hunt more interesting?

The last thing you want for your scavenger hunt is for your employees to become disinterested or for them to “give up” because they got bored. Here are some simple ways to keep your scavenger hunt interesting from start to finish:

• Offer prizes for the winning team

• Have consequences for the last place team

• Give out a prize for the best team name

• Get judges from other departments

• Make some of the clues feel like a “dare”

• Upload the results to social media

• Assign team captains to choose their teams

• Encourage friendly “trash talk”

team members reading scavenger hunt list

Start searching now!

Get your clues together and send your teams on the hunt! Your employees are sure to have some fun and build some memories as they work to complete your list of clues. This will remind them that scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids!

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