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Sep 13, 2022

54 of the Best Work Anniversary Memes to Make Your Employees Smile

Madeline Purches

Team Building Enthusiast

A work anniversary should always be a moment to celebrate! When your employee or coworker gets to another milestone in their career with your company, you can help put a smile on their face by doing something as small as sending them a work anniversary meme. Keep scrolling to find 54 of the best work anniversary memes. Make sure you save them and be the first to wish your employee a happy work anniversary!  

Anniversary Memes by Category

Funny Work Anniversary Memes

1. Gotta start with the boss himself, Michael Scott . . .

michael scott work anniversary meme

2. How often do you start celebrating the wrong occasion? Hopefully not often!

steve harvey work anniversary meme

3. You probably can’t scare someone into having a happy work anniversary, but Liam Neeson might be able to.

liam neeson work anniversary meme

4. Send this one to someone who’s a master in their craft!

yoda work anniversary meme

5. This is a good reminder for that person who likes to celebrate a little too much. 

black and white work anniversary meme

6. If you’re out of the office when someone hits their anniversary, let them know you’re still thinking of them.

stevie wonder work anniversary meme

7. A perfect reminder for the busiest ones in the office!

coffee work anniversary meme

8. Here’s a great fake invite for whatever party you’re holding in the break room!

simpsons work anniversary meme

9. Just in case someone forgot about their own “workiversary,” you can remind them with this meme.

1 year work anniversary meme Unique I made it What a wild year Page 1

10. This one’s great for someone who happens to have their dream job.

baby work anniversary meme

11. Who’s the most sarcastic person you work with? This might be the meme for them!

simpsons 2 work anniversary meme

12. Sometimes another year flies by a little too fast.

bridesmaids work anniversary meme

Happy Work Anniversary Memes

13. No one can resist how cute minions are!

minions work anniversary meme

14. We are just as excited.

richard simmons work anniversary meme

15. Baby Yoda? Automatic smile. 

baby yoda work anniversary meme

16. Bob Ross? Yet another automatic smile.

bob ross work anniversary meme

17. Include this meme with any cubicle or desk decorations you’re setting up!

cubicle work anniversary meme

18. Send this throwback crew to someone who’s been around for a while.

flintstones work anniversary meme

19. For your employee who loves a good celebration!

oprah work anniversary meme

20. This meme is for that “out of this world” employee!

star trek work anniversary meme

21. Another great year down, and more to come.

success kid work anniversary meme

Animal Work Anniversary Memes

22. “Business cat” is perfect for business people.

cat boss work anniversary meme

23. This guy shows the right amount of enthusiasm for a work anniversary!

Dalmatian work anniversary meme

24. Who doesn’t love a good, surprised koala? 

koala work anniversary meme

25. If you’ve got a little disbelief that someone is celebrating their work anniversary, this meme is perfect.

cow nun anniversary work meme

26. We couldn’t resist another koala with a good pun!

koala work anniversary meme

27. This little guy will make anyone smile!

turtle work anniversary meme

28. For that employee who might be on the fence about celebrating their workiversary.

tabby cat work anniversary meme

29. Grumpy Cat still knows how to celebrate a work anniversary!

grumpy cat work anniversary meme

30. Sometimes a meme is the best way to show your surprise for a work anniversary.

monkey work anniversary meme

31. Just let your team know you’ve hired the best available DJ for the workiversary party. 

dj cat work anniversary meme

32. Send this owl for a good time!

owl work anniversary meme

Anniversary Memes by Years

One-Year Work Anniversary Memes

33. Remind your employee that a one-year work anniversary is worth celebrating!

nobody got time for that work anniversary meme

34. A year can fly by when you’re working hard and having a good time!

party work anniversary meme

35. Add a little smile to someone’s face with a happy minion!

minions 2 work anniversary meme

36. A one-year work anniversary is something to shout about!

anchorman work anniversary meme

37. We hope your employee is as proud of their work anniversary as this pup!

excited dog work anniversary meme

Five-Year Work Anniversary Memes

38. We know, we know . . . five years is a shocking long time!

wet cat work anniversary meme

39. A five-year work anniversary is a pretty big deal.

funny work anniversary meme

40. This is for that employee that’s surprised by how fast five years passed.

boxer dog work anniversary meme

41. Send this meme to that employee who likes (or even dislikes) group texts.

typing cat work anniversary meme

42. Let your employee know how seriously you take their work anniversary with this meme.

austin powers work anniversary meme

43. And of course, we’ve got to have a cute cat option!

laughing cat work anniversary meme

Ten-Year Work Anniversary Memes

44. For that employee who’s a little carefree . . .

pig in car work anniversary meme

45. When you thought ten years would take a lot longer!

anchorman 2 work anniversary meme

46. For that employee who’s accomplished a lot in just ten years!

squirrel work anniversary meme
harley quinn work anniversary meme

48. Here’s the perfect motivational meme for another great ten years.

office space work anniversary meme

49. Ever seen Spider-Man at a desk job? Neither have we.

spiderman work anniversary meme

Twenty-Five Year Work Anniversary Memes

50. Hey, even one year of password changes is a big deal.

dwight work anniversary meme

51. We know 25 years is a long time, but this guy was still taken aback.

surprised husky work anniversary meme

52. Twenty-five years can make anyone grumpy, but we’re still here for the puns.

grumpy cats work anniversary meme

53. For that employee who can’t believe 25 years flew by.

seagull work anniversary meme

54. And for that employee who needs a little peace after working so hard for so long!

lion king work anniversary meme

Send a meme and a smile!

Everyone deserves a memorable work anniversary. They’re the perfect opportunity to remind your employees and coworkers that you appreciate their loyalty, plus they’re an easy way to engage with your team. We hope these memes will put a smile on your team’s faces and that you’ll keep giving your employees a little fun around the office! Be sure to save your favorite ones for any upcoming work anniversaries so you can send them right on time. 

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