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Jan 20, 2022

12 Team Building Statistics: We surveyed managers and employees

Anecia Ascalon

Team Building Expert

During the pandemic, virtual team building gained popularity as companies adapted to remote work and hybrid team situations. But just how many companies participated in virtual team building? Are they still doing it? Does it actually work?

We conducted a survey with business professionals to answer these very questions and more! Keep reading to learn how companies are using and benefiting from virtual team building.

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Virtual Team Building Statistics

Person with hands on a laptop

#1 When ranking the attributes of an effective team, leaders rank “morale” and “communication” as more important than “talent.”

Communication over talent statistic

#2 63% of leaders felt team communication improved after participating in team building activities. 61% of leaders felt team morale improved.

Team building statistic about communication and morale improvement

#3 44% of leaders cited retention as a challenge over the last year.

Retention challenges statistic

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#4 31% of teams do not invest in team building activities.

Percentage of teams who do not invest in team building statistic

#5 80% of companies do not team build at least once a month. Only 20% of companies team build monthly or more often.

Team building frequency statistic

#6 55% of leaders feel team culture would improve if their company invested more into team building.

Team building statistic about company culture

#7 68% of team leaders say “building a great team culture” is one of their Top 3 priorities. 27% listed it as the #1 priority.

Priorities of team leaders statistic

#8 73% of employees wish their company would invest more in team building.

Employees want their company to invest in team building

#9 44% of employees feel morale is “okay,” bad,” or “very bad.”

Employee morale statistic

#10 Financial Investment

At companies investing less than $25 per month per person in team building, 58% of employees feel that morale is “ok” “bad” or “very bad.”

At companies investing more than $25 per month per person in team building, only 25% of employees feel that morale is “ok” “bad” or “very bad.”

Not ready to make a financial commitment? Find free virtual team building activities here.

#11 59% of remote teams used virtual team building to combat the challenges of working remotely during COVID-19.

Remote teams statistic about COVID

#12 36% of leaders who manage remote workers cite collaboration as their biggest challenge.

Team building statistic about collaboration

Conclusion? Virtual team building is important!

No matter how your company chooses to implement it, the virtual team building statistics demonstrate that it is a worthy investment! Learn more about managing virtual teams here, including virtual onboarding best practices, to keep retention rates and employee satisfaction high!

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