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7 Business Benefits of Corporate Events with 5 Tips to Make Yours Perfect

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If you are looking for ways to improve your company culture, engage your employees, or boost productivity, consider hosting a corporate event. While the term “corporate event” may sound stuffy, a good corporate event can be a highly effective and fun way for companies to address current needs.

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With so many types of corporate events, you are sure to find one to achieve any goal, from bringing employees together to celebrate successes to strengthening your teams, and more. Successful corporate events are relatively short compared to the long-lasting benefits they deliver.

What Is A Corporate Event?

A corporate event is an event held by a company or organization intended to engage with employees. Some popular corporate events are:

While the objectives of each of these corporate events may be different, they share some of the same benefits. 

7 Benefits Of Corporate Event

Depending on the type of corporate event, the benefits may vary. Below are seven of the most common benefits gained from corporate events.

1. Boost Employee Morale

Internal corporate events that acknowledge employee accomplishments, such as appreciation award ceremonies, can have an enormous impact on company morale. Employees who know that their hard work is appreciated are happier. The mood around the office will be lighter and morale will grow.

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2. Build Relationships

Corporate events, such as holiday parties, give your employees a chance to get to know each other better in a casual setting. After your event, employees will see each other in a new way. Work relationships form, collaboration improves, and employees are happier.

3. Encourage Creativity 

When employees step outside their normal work routine they are more inclined to voice their out-of-the-box ideas with others. The informal atmosphere of a corporate event, such as a company retreat, encourages free-flowing conversations that generate innovation.

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4. Create Connections

In some companies, executives don’t know their employees. Sometimes employees don’t even know each other if there is no reason for them to interact. Corporate events can bring together people from all levels and departments of the company. These new connections will lead to a more collaborative and collegial work environment.

5. Reduce Stress

Stress is present in almost every job. Demanding clients, deadlines, and complex projects can take a toll on your employees. Corporate events such as company celebrations provide your employees with a break from the pressure.

6. Strengthen Teams

A corporate event that includes team building activities can have a positive impact on a team’s productivity. Team building activities improve problem-solving ability, enhance communication skills, and develop a sense of camaraderie among team members.

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7. Attract And Retain Employees

Salary isn’t the only reason that employees stay at their job or why job seekers are drawn to particular companies. People want to work in an environment that is both productive and fun. Corporate events that include engaging, enjoyable activities will keep current employees happy and will have job seekers knocking at the door!

5 Tips For How to Plan A Corporate Event 

Planning a successful corporate event requires many steps, such as deciding the type of event, choosing a venue, selecting activities, sending invites, and so much more. These five tips can get your planning off to a great start.

1. Know Your Objectives

Before you can begin planning your corporate event, you must know your objectives. This is by far the most important element of holding a corporate event. Your objectives dictate what kind of event to hold, who to invite, and what activities to include. 

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When considering your objective, keep the five SMART guidelines in mind:

Specific: Define specific outcomes. What do you hope to achieve through the event?

Measurable: Is your objective quantifiable? If your objective can’t be measured, you won’t be able to ascertain its success.

Achievable: Is your objective reasonable? If you set an objective that is out of reach, your event may be regarded as a failure by higher-ups.

Relevant: Is your objective related to a current need or goal of your company? An event with an irrelevant objective is a waste of time.

Time-bound: What’s your time frame for your objective to be met? To ensure that your objective will meet by the deadline you’ve set, establish benchmarks along the way.

2. Consider Your Audience

Consider who your corporate event is targeting. Are you reaching out to employees, executive staff, or both? Once you know who your corporate event attendees are, you can start to plan the event format and choose activities that will engage your audience.

3. Calculate Your Budget

Determine how much money is available for your event. Once you know the amount at your disposal, you can allocate funds for each aspect of your event. As a general rule, add 10% to your estimate for emergency expenses.

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4. Use A Planning Checklist

Corporate events have so many components, you will need some way to keep on track of all of them. A corporate event planning checklist will ensure that you stay organized from the early planning stages through the event follow-up.

5. Gather Feedback

One of the best ways you can improve your next corporate event is to gather feedback from attendees. Ask them to rate their satisfaction with the format of the event, the included activities, the venue, and any other elements of the event. Also, ask for suggestions so you can incorporate new ideas into your next event.

6 Ideas On How to Make A Corporate Event Fun

Sometimes attending a corporate event can feel like work. Perhaps your employees have been less than enthusiastic about past corporate events. If you want to shake things up a bit, include fun activities. Here are six ideas to make your corporate event memorable.

1. Play an online game show

A few rounds of an online game show will entertain your audience, especially if your event is otherwise filled with work-related sessions. A break in the day to play a fast-paced, fun, online game show will re-energize your event attendees for the remaining work sessions.

online game show example

2. Hold a trivia contest

Some friendly competition can liven up your corporate event. One great option is to have a trivia contest. You can customize your trivia game to include facts about the company. Create teams consisting of employees who do not normally interact as a way to connect people.

3. Play a virtual escape room

During your corporate event, why not visit a virtual escape room? These engaging, thematic adventures are especially good for corporate team building events as they challenge team members to work together to solve riddles, find clues, and crack codes to find the way out of the virtual escape room. 

virtual escape room for happy hour

4. Bring in a stand-up comedian 

Hiring a comedian to perform at your corporate event is an easy and surefire way to get your attendees laughing. Be sure to let the comedian know to steer clear of topics that are inappropriate for a corporate event such as politics, religion, and stereotypes.

5. Play a mystery game

Playing an online mystery game will appeal to your event attendees’ inner sleuths! Players analyze evidence, review surveillance videos, and search the internet for clues to solve a mystery. These engaging games generate creativity, collaboration, and fun!

mystery game

6. Rent a photo booth 

Given the popularity of selfies, your employees are sure to love the chance to pop into a photo booth with colleagues and strike a silly pose. Encourage employees to post their photo booth pictures on social media. This is a great way to promote your fun company culture to outsiders! 

Final Thoughts

Given the benefits of holding a corporate event, consider planning one soon. With so many types of corporate events, there is certainly one that addresses your company’s current needs. 

Whether you throw a corporate celebration, a team building retreat, or an employee recognition event, the above tips and fun corporate event ideas will get you started on the right foot!