Engaging A Multi-Generational Workforce

Thursday, FEBRUARY 16TH | 11:00 AM CST

Baby Boomers are the worst, right? Or wait, is that Millennials? And what’s with all these Gen-Zers on their click-clocks or whatever? And what’s that other age group that everyone forgets about? Whatever generation you’re in, the workplace is full of an “us vs. them” mentality, and this workshop is designed to do one thing — break down those walls. Whether you lived through historic events or just read about them in history books, we all contribute to the same organization, and engaging with each other will create a more collaborative, and productive, workforce.

For over a decade, Josh Steinhouse has been speaking and educating on a variety of professional development topics. He has worked for some of the biggest companies out there, including Dow Jones, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company. Using his background in education and theatre, Josh uses both academic and entertainment approaches to create a learning environment where students both engage and thrive with the content. Josh currently serves as the global leader for the L&D team at his organization, where he and his team support all employees in reaching their professional and personal development goals.

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